The Vinci X looks almost identical to the original Vinci. It's got the same cube-like shape with rounded edges, the same buttons and the same screen. But there are a few key differences. One difference is the size. The Vinci X is taller and a bit deeper than the Vinci. Itís 117mm tall, 25.3mm wide and 29.5mm deep. Itís huge for a pod vape but it has to be big to fit an 18650 battery. Itís still comfortable to hold and use but itís not what I would consider ultra-portable so if youíre looking for a pod vape that is small and light, this isn't the one.

The Vinci X Mod Pod is well-built and solid. The panels are absolutely gorgeous and I love the ĎTeal Blueí design that I received. The panels donít hold fingerprints but the body is a gun-metal color that picks up fingerprints like crazy.

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